CCG Online

Quotes, Requisitions & Electronic Orders

CCG Online's Quotes,Requisitions & Electronic Orders applications allow users to request or issue quotations, transmit specifications and place requisitions quickly to one or more suppliers or customers:

Quotes, RFQ's, and requisitions can be built from catalogs, prior orders, customer requests, and many other sources

Electronic approvals, workflow routings, and notifications with electronic or manual signatures are available if needed

Change notices, deletions, cancellations, returns and audit trail history of changes and configuration control are recorded

Account cost center, charge number validations

Incomplete orders can be forwarded to purchasing or sales for completion.

Attachments for specifications, clauses, detail, drawings can be added

Standard clauses, terms and conditions which can be tailored to each contract

Approved Quotes and Requisitions can be issued to single or multiple suppliers or customers as electronic orders or releases against predefined agreements

Suppliers and customers with CCG Online connections or mailboxes can acknowledge and respond

CCG Online's Quotes, Requisitions & Electronic Orders are not just for indirect MRO items but for direct purchases of mission critical items from large and small suppliers as well.